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How to create a new event in Envitely

Whether you are planning a small private gathering with friends or organising your dream wedding with hundreds of guest, Envitely makes it easy to plan, organise, streamline workflows, and achieve your event planning goals. In this article, you’ll learn about how you can create and manage a new event in Envitely.

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1. +Add button

Click the black + button located at the bottom of the home page and planner. This will direct you to the create menu.

2. Create your event

On this screen you have three options, return to the Home Page, Join an Event you’ve been invited to or Create Event. Go ahead and click Create Event

3. Event details

Event type: Choose “Private” if your event is by invite only, or “Public” if you want to allow people to self register for your event. This means anyone with an event link can register.

Event occasion: Choose from the prepopulated list

Event name: Your guests and attendees will see your event name. 

Event name: Optional field. If unsure the date can be added or edited later

Event time: Optional field. If unsure the start time can be added or edited later

Add image: Add a cover image for your event. Users will see and associate this image with your event.

4. Planner

Before you can start planning your event, you may want to consider what your budget is. Add your event budget here and we’ll try to help you stay on top of your spend. Not sure what your budget is at this time? no problem, you can always add or edit you budget in the planner module later on.

5. Event location

The infomation provided here will be visible to your event attendees and can be edited later in the planner module.

Venue category: Let your guests know the event function they are attending. This is particularly important for events that take place across different venues. For example a wedding pary may have one location for a church and another for their reception.

Web url: Add a link to the venues website. 

Address: Find and add the location address to make it easy for your guest to know where they need to go.

Event date: May be prepopulated with the information added in the event details section above, but can be edited.

Start/End time: Optional field recommended for multi-location events so guests know where to be at specific times. 

Add another venue button: Add the same information for the next venue.

6. Get started

You are now ready to start planning your event.Go to the Event Planner module to access all your planning tool, and don’t forget to keep you event details up to date

Take control of your next event

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