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How to create and manager your event guestlist

Whether you are planning a small private gathering with friends or organising your dream wedding with hundreds of guest, Envitely makes it easy to plan, organise, streamline workflows, and achieve your event planning goals. In this article, you’ll learn about how you can navigate and manager the Envitely gustlist module and make the most of our features and tools.


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1. Home page elements

Before starting your guestlist lets begin by familiarising yourself with the user interface.


1) At the top of the screen you’ll notice 4 content blocks. These are designed to give you a overview of the status of your invitiation.


2) Below this, you’ll find 3 circular buttons. These buttons will allow you to export your guestlist, edit your guestlist settings and add guests to your invite list. 


3) Next you’ll find 2 buttons. One is the “Share Link” The buttons is only available for self registration to public events, not private. The scond button is to “Send Invite”. Once your list is ready you can click the share button and the event invite will be sent to your guests email or phone number, depending on information provided. If you add more guest to your initial list, you can click send invite button again, we’ll ensure only new guests will recieve the invite.


4) Lastly, you’ll find your guestlist. Here you’ll see who is on your list, edit their detail, or remove them entirely from your event.

2. Guestlist setting

Before adding guests to your event , check and update your guest list setting to ensure important elements of your event are set and can be assigned to your guests. 


There are three elements to consider, these are:

1) Invite type – An event may comprise of several functions, for example a wedding my have a church service, reception and a dinner. Certain guests will be invite to some or all of these functions. Create invite types for each function so that you can assign the appropriate invite to your guests.

2)  Groups – Guestlist groups are a pefect way to manage guest allocations. You may choose to have groups like Friends, Family, colleagues, or specific departments if you’re organising a work event. There are no limits or restrictions to the type or number of groups you can have.

3) Seating plan – A seating plan is an important part of many events. Click the “Add Table” button to add a table name or number and specifiy how many people you can assign to a table. By adding a seat limit to each table we’ll ensure you do not exceed the table capacity.

3. Add guest

There are several way to add guests to your event.


Click the Add Guest button to open the pop-up menu where you can choose to add guests manually or in bulk.


Manul guest entry:

1) Fill in your guest’s details

2) Assign inite type, group and table if you are ready to do so, otherwise you can edit this later

3) Please not that if you want to your guests to access the Envitely event on their device you need to provide an email address or phone number. This will allow them to RSVP and we can track it.

4) Add one or more companion with your primary guest. This will group the guests together

5) Lastly, Save the guest or click Add Another to add a new guest.

Bulk guest entry:

There are two ways to add guests in bulk:

1) Upload CSV or XLSX file

 – Download the bulk upload template (feel free to populate the document on your PC then upload to your phone). Use the template guide to help you complete the necessary fields.

2) Import from your phone. Simply click the import button to access your contacts. Check the names you want add to your guestlist.

3) In both cases, once you import the data your imported list will be displayed. Here you can add or edit guest information, assign invite types, groups and tables, and add companions. 

4) Lastly, save your list and return to the home screen to see your full guestlist.

4. Share event link

The Share Event Link button is only available for Public Events. Public Events are events that are open to everyone. This means that anyone with the event link can register to attend this event.


To generate a link, click the Share Link button, copy the event link and share it with individuals, groups, websites or anywhere you see fit.


When someone registers to your event, their details will appear in your guestlist. You can review your guests, edit their information or remove them entirely.

5. Send invitation

Once you are happy with your guestlist, click the Send Invitation button. This will send an email or text message to all your guests (if you have provided these details).


The invitation will promt your guests to download the Envitely app, access the event you created and RSVP, all of which will be tracked and updated in the guestlist module.


If after the invite is sent out you need to add more guests, no problem. You can click the Send Invitation button again. Only guest’s who have not logged into your event previouly will be sent the invite.


If for any reason, the link does not work or the user cannot access the event in the Envitely app, you can send them the event ID which can be added the “Join Event” module. Please ensure the user is in your guestlist otherwise they may not be able to join the event, even with the event ID.

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