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How to manager your event's supplier list

Whether you are planning a small private gathering with friends or organising your dream wedding with hundreds of guest, Envitely makes it easy to plan, organise, streamline workflows, and achieve your event planning goals. In this article, you’ll learn about how you can navigate the Envitely supplier manager and make the most of our features and tools.


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1. Setup and configuration

The supplier module is to designed help streamline the management of vendors and suppliers, ensuring that all necessary goods and services are sourced efficiently. 


Before you start adding to your supplier list, familiarise yourself with the default supplier categories provided and check that you are happy with the budget allocation which is displayed at category level.


You may add a new category if the default categories don’t meet your needs . To do this, click the “Add New Supplier Category” button.


To change your budget, go to the Budget module by clicking the “Budget Planner” button.

2. Create your supplier shortlist

Click the “Add Supplier” button in the appropriate supplier category to start adding the supplier details to your shortlist.


Input supplier details into the database, including:

  1. Category (if not preselected)
  2. Supplier website
  3. Supplier name
  4. Address
  5. Quote
  6. Description

3. Confirm suppliers

Once you are ready to confirm your suppliers, click the “Accept” button. This will automatically update the cost in the Budget Manager and in the Confirmed Spend block at the top of the page.

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