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How to use the budget manager to plan you event

Whether you are planning a small private gathering with friends or organising your dream wedding with hundreds of guest, Envitely makes it easy to plan, organise, streamline workflows, and achieve your event planning goals. In this article, you’ll learn about how you can use the Envitely budget manager module to effectively plan your event.


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1. Your budget

Your budget overview section provides important information to help you control you spend. Keep an eye on your overall budget, your confirmed spend and your remaining budget in a quick snapshot. 

Click the “Edit Budget” button to easily add or change the budget for your event.

2. Budget categories

After establishing an overall budget cap for your event based on available funds, you need to breakdown the event into major cost categories. We provide a breakdown of common categories, but you can create your own categories and allocation budgets by clicking the “Add New Budget Category” button.

3. Budget allocation

For each category, you can allocate a specific budget. You can see the proportion of the overall budget allocated to each category under the field labelled “Allocation %” and also track how much of the budget has been spent under the field labelled “Confirmed“.


You can edit the category budget by clicking the pencil icon.


The budget categories are mirrored in the planning module for suppliers and venues. This means that when a cost is confirmed (spent) we can track it in the budget category as confirmed spend and you can compare it to the allocated budget .

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