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How to manager your venue shortlist and confirm your event venue

Whether you are planning a small private gathering with friends or organising your dream wedding with hundreds of guest, Envitely makes it easy to plan, organise, streamline workflows, and achieve your event planning goals. In this article, you’ll learn about how you can navigate the Envitely venue manager and make the most of our features and tools.


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1. Shortlist

Choosing the right venue is foundational to the success of an event. It influences nearly every aspect of event planning, from budgeting and logistics to guest experience and overall ambiance. A well-selected venue aligns with the event’s goals and needs, ensuring that all other elements can come together smoothly.


To help help you choose the right venue, we have designed the venue manager module to create a shortlist of venues before choosing the one that best meets your needs.


There are no limits to how many venues you can add to your shortlist. Simple click the “Add Venue” button to open the Add Venue window and complete the details required.


Required fields:

Venue Category/Function: Some events will require more than one venue. Provide a venue function to let your guests know what they are attending, for example reception, conference.


Venue Name: This will be displayed in the event details page.


Quote: if you have recieved a price for the venue add it here to keep a record of it.  


Web URL:  Add website link if available.


Address: This will be displayed in the event details page and link through to a map to help guests find directions


Description: Optional field to add a description or note for yourself to consider before choosing a venue


Event Date and time: This is not required until after confirming a venue.  This is particularly important if  the event comprises of multiple elements and venues which take place at different time. This way your venues will be displayed in the event details section in time order.



2. Confirm

To confirm venues you have two options. 



1. Go through your venue shortlist and confirm the venue(s) you prefer. This will automatically move the chosen venue(s) to the Confirmed tab.



2. If you already have a venue in mind and don’t need to add it to your shortlist, click the “Add Venue” button and complete the required fields.


Once a venue is selected ensure you have confirmed the date and start time. If there is more than one venue, we suggest adding an end time to indicate when the time at one venue ends and the next beggins. 


Please note that the information provided in the confirmed venue tab will be displayed in the event details page for your guests to see. If you need to make changes to venue information click the pencil icon on the chosen venue and save the changes. The changes will be reflected in your event details immediately. 

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