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What is Envitely?

Envitely is a mobile app designed to streamline the organisation and management of various events, from small personal gatherings to large-scale conferences and public functions. It offers features like budget management, task prioritisation, RSVP tracking, guest management, and a unique "Guestbook" module for guest to share their experiences. Envitely serves individuals, businesses, and organizations, providing both free and premium tools to enhance event planning and execution.

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Sophisticated And Dymanic Features

Budget Manager

Set and allocate budgets, track spending, and receive alerts for budget variances.

Supplier & Venue Shortlists

Create and manage shortlists, compare quotes, and stay within budget.

Task Manager

Prioritise actions, set due dates, and delegate tasks to collaborators with ease.

RSVP Tracker

Send e-invites, track responses in real time, and manage guest requirements.

Guest Manager

Create guest lists and table plan, assign seats, manage invitations and guest requests.

Event Details

Showcase your event with a personalised in-app page featuring key event details and visuals.


Engage guests with an in-app event group for sharing posts and getting event updates.

Photo Album

Create a photo album and get your guest to contribute though the event Guestbook.

Who is Envitely For?

Effortlessly elevate your events with our easy to use planning app. Streamline tasks, manage guest lists, and unleash your creativity with ease


Ideal for corporate events and planners managing multiple events.


Perfect for private parties, weddings, and other one-off events.


RSVP invitations, join the Guestbook, and engage with other attendees.

Download the Envitely app and try our demo event for yourself

More Than a Planner

RSVP Tracker

Track real-time responses to see confirmed attendees, rejections, and pending replies. Set RSVP deadlines and reminders for timely responses.


Highlight your event with a dedicated Guestbook group. Keep guests engaged and informed throughout your event journey.

Photo Album

Collect event photos in a special album. Invite guests to upload their photos. Review, approve, and share cherished memories.

Affordable Pricing Plans​


Free for life


Ideal for one off small events including weddings, work dos, parties & celebrations.
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What’s included:

  • Guests: 100 per event
  • Active events: 1
  • Co-host: 1
  • Collaborators: 0


£21.99/Yr - 1 month Free


Upgrade to invite more guest and unlock features like team collaborations to help you plan.
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What’s included:

  • Guests: 250 per event
  • Active events: 1
  • Co-host: 1
  • Collaborators: 3


£79.99/Yr - 2 months free


Plan up to 3 events at a time and invite up to 1000 guests per event.
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What’s included:

  • Guests: 1000 per event
  • Active events: 3
  • Co-host: 1
  • Collaborators: 5 per event


£149.99/Yr - 2 months free


Boost your collaborative power and organise larger events for yourself & your clients.
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What’s included:

  • Guests: 2500 per event
  • Active events: 10
  • Co-host: 1
  • Collaborators: 10 per event

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Collaborative Event Planning

Envitely supports collaborative planning and mangement, making it easier to delegate tasks, manage budgets, and communicate seamlessly, ensuring the success of your event.

Event roles and permissions

There are three main planner roles available for events: Host, Co-host, and Collaborator. The Host is the person who created the event and serves as the primary administrator. The Co-host role can be assigned to only one other user. Collaborators form the main planning team. As the Host, you have the power to grant access to specific planning features.

Event host

Planning an event can be highly complicated and time-consuming. As a host, you can delegate tasks to others so you can focus on your own priorities and be the decision maker. Oversee your team's work, review and approve their suggestions and recommendations.

Event planners

Whether you are a professional planner or simply lending a helping hand, you can play a crucial role in coordinating, managing, and scheduling essential elements of the event on behalf of the host. Make suggestions and recommendations, and have them reviewed and approved seamlessly.

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